Empowering the underprivileged to achieve better vision free of cost.

AINAK is a US-based nonprofit organization focused on helping the underprivileged get free eye care services such as vision tests and prescription glasses, in partnership with local Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, and Opticians.


We provide vision tests and prescription glasses free of cost. If you do not have vision insurance and are unable to afford an eye exam, please contact us by registering via the following link.



Your donation will help us to meet the financial needs of this organization to expand our mission and support a larger population across the United States with providing eye care and prescription glasses for people who are underprivileged and uninsured.


We are always looking for volunteers to carry our mission forward. We will mentor you about what is the mission of Ainak. This is a good opportunity for High School students to get their volunteer experience and hours. If eye care is of your interest please sign up as a Volunteer and become a Youth Ambassador.